The painful truth is, regardless of whose research you look at – fuel prices are rising.

We could discuss who is at fault forever but one thing’s for certain, the best way about it is to use less in the first place!

So if you’re interested in finding out how to go about it, or need any more information, get in touch.

Usually, the first thing we do is to check that you are getting the best deal from your current energy supplier. There’s a lot of hot air out there on the subject – you’ll always get the truth from us – free, and totally independent advice.

Once we’ve done this, we can offer more adventurous solutions – our infra-red camera is really useful, it enables us to locate exactly where heat escapes and we can then advise, and in some cases provide, as well as solve draft problems.

In addition, we have energy measuring devices that can be fitted in your home. With our help, you can use these to find out exactly how you use electricity and in turn, learn how to use it more efficiently.

All you need to do all this is a little time and patience.

Rotaire (a chance to trial a new method of drying clothes outside)

Radiator Foil (prevents heat escaping through walls)

Radiator Booster

Warm Home Discount (£140 refund from your electricity supplier for those who are eligible)

Shower Pledge (scheme to help lower costs of heating water)

Draft-proofing Snakes (workshops creating traditional draft-proofing snakes)

Nest (Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme)

Flir Camera (infra-red camera that shows escaping heat)



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