Community Green Spaces

Community Green Space Hafan Deg, Tanygrisiau.

In partnership with Grŵp Cynefin and Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd, we are developing a small piece of land within the Hafan Deg housing estate. The purpose of this project is to create an area for the tenants to enjoy. We will create a space where they can socialise with other tenants and we will be installing two picnic benches there, build raised beds to grow vegetables, plant a small orchard of apple trees and hedging along the newly installed fence.

The new fence and gate for the Hafan Deg project

We hope that the work will encourage residents to use the green space and take pride in their community and to make use of a piece of land that has been idle for many a year and has attracted some anti-social behaviour such as dog fouling as well. Our hope is that this problem will come to an end as the site is being developed making it a safe place for children to play and for families to enjoy, and also raise awareness on the importance of caring for spaces such as this within their community. Anyone is welcome to take part in its developments and you can do that by contacting the team anytime.

We are hopeful that we’ll have the site ready for the coming summer months in 2017!

If you would like more information on this project contact our Contact Officer, Non Roberts – .

Community Wildlife Garden

The next site we’re developing is a garden for wildlife that will be open to the community, which is located on the edge of the town near the allotment site.

The first frogspawn in 2017 of the new community wildlife garden

In partnership with the Bro Ffestiniog Allotment Association, the plan is to create a community area that can be used by locals to go for walks and enjoy the wealth of wildlife that inhabits it as well as a site for training and activities.

We have been successful, along with the Allotments Association, to receive a grant from the CIST Gwynedd fund, to create a path that is suitable for wheelchairs and pram users with a space to put a picnic table on the end, also the space will be overlooking a the pond that is there and is a haven for insects, frogs and a number of different native plants from the area with the trees that surround the garden, providing a space that birds will use during the spring and summer months.

A two day course on how to use scythes is being organised in the coming months, as well as activities such as planting a small orchard of fruit trees, control of the Rhododendron and the creation of an outdoor space for activities for children and adults.

If you would like to know more or take part in the developments or training, contact our Project Manager, Gwydion ap Wynn – .

Cae Bryn Coed, Llan Ffestiniog

When Gwelliannau Llan Ffestiniog was established in 1977, the aim was to create a group that would look after the village in different ways and then came the project of developing Cae Bryn Coed. It’s a special place within the village with paths around the site, play equipment for children, a football field and much more.

Preparing the wildflower meadow

Recently, with support from Y Dref Werdd, the group have had several activities at the site along with Lee Oliver from Keep Wales Tidy who has given valuable leadership to the group by creating a wildflower meadow, the volunteers have received training in using scythes so that they can cut the grass in a traditional way, built raised beds for growing vegetables and have more recently used the site to build bird nesting boxes with a group of GISDA’s young people.

There are a number of planned activities for the summer months, so if you have an interest in knowing more or would like to take part, contact our Environmental Officer, Daniel Gwyn – .


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