In January 2015 I lost my husband to cancer just 12 moths after moving to Blaenau. I was left very isolated, on a very limited income and with a electricity debt of £1500 after having to keep the house heated whilst I cared for my husband with the support of the hospice at home scheme. I spent the following year very anxious and depressed passing away most of my time in bed as I couldn’t afford to heat the house, use hot water or run the cooker and there didn’t seem much point in getting up… Then I met Meilyr Tomos at one of Y Dref Werdd’s drop in sessions at Age Cymru’s Age Well group in Blaenau. Over the last 12 months his kindness and support has hekped me develop the confidence to claim employment and support allowance to top up my small pension, replace my expensive heating system with one more economical under the Nest scheme, ensured that my house is as energy efficient as possible and negotiated with the electricity company to make my monthly payments more affordable… Thanks to their service I am writing this in a warm home and am putting up Xmas decorations with an optimism for the coming year, that this time last year I would never have believed was possible. They have helped me feel, not only that I will be able to cope with life going forward but that I am also a part of a warm and caring community. I cannot thank them enough. – Susan

It’s really nice to have something for working people. I had the Warm Home Discount last year which was really helpful and the lightbulbs are brilliant! – Veronica

In my role as a support worker with GISDA Cyf, the services provided by y Dref Werdd have been very useful. In terms of assisting young people in managing there tenancies efficiently and affordably it has been invaluable having Meilyr’s energy expertise so close at hand. I have been able to take young people in on an individual basis and receive concise and friendly advice on matters such as the availability of energy benefits, best usage of complex heating systems. They have also received small items that confer greater energy efficiency (lightbulbs, reflective metallic lining etc). Beyond the obvious concrete effects in terms the manageability of these vulnerable young people’s energy tariffs, the face to face interaction provides a valuable, friendly space for them to find their feet in formal settings. No small thing for the people I work with. And, as well as the energy guru, Dref Werdd also has an environmental management branch to its operations, organised through Daniel’s competent stewardship. For many of the young people that I work with, though they may not be ready to hold down formal employment, it is crucial that they gain experience (and references) through voluntary opportunities, in a safe and relaxed setting. The Dref Werdd’s rhododendron clearing and river clean up days provide such opportunities. Here, young people can gain skills, contacts and confidence in a low pressure, low expectation environment. My work would be harder without the good work being done by the team at the Dref Werdd. – Steffan

Y Dref Werdd has helped me by applying for the Warm Home Discount and providing me with new energy efficient light bulbs – Graeme

Y Dref Werdd have been very supportive of Tan y Maen. Many of the people attending the centre suffer with mental illness and live on a minimum income. Y Dref Werdd have benefited them by offering their services outside of their premises and coming into the centre here to talk to people and explain what they have to offer and how they can help them. We have found Y Dref Werdd to be of a great advantage to those who are struggling on a daily basis and a benefit to their wellbeing. We have worked together well and would be happy to continue that connection with them. – Lorna

I have found Y Dref Werdd to be helpful, sociable and informative. It is the way forward. – Jo

Cae Bryn Coed is a fabulous community facility in a beautiful setting. Having only lived in Llan for five years, I joined the group to meet other like-minded people from the area and I have made a number of new friends doiing so. – Bill

I am very grateful for all the help the staff gave to me to sort my boiler out. Thank you for all your support. – Lillian

The advice and help with energy saving is very good. They helped us by letting us know Welsh Water that knocked some money off the yearly bill – that was good, being on a low income. The people that work there do a very good job in the community – they have cleaned rivers and care for the environment. – Patricia

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