Green Prescriptions

Working with Betsi Cadwaladr University and other projects and organisations such as the Job Centre, Barnados, GISDA, Tan y Maen, Cwmni Bro and Mantell Gwynedd, we will offer individuals struggling with mental health issued opportunities to improve their life, health and wellbeing through spending time outdoors or signposting them to the relevant service that will offer outdoor therapies over medication in the first instance.

There is enormous pressure on our GP’s in Bro Ffestiniog – nearly 5000 patients are registered per full time GP.

This is substansially higher that the rest of Gwynedd (1,400 per GP) and the rest of Wales (1,600 per GP) – Gwynedd and Anglesey Wellbeing Plan, 2016.

Project 2 Objectives
  • Reducing the number of people who are dependent on medical prescriptions in their fight against depression, anxiety and loneliness and show them how spending time outdoors can improve health and wellbeing.
  • Reduce costs and pressures on GP’s and the NHS.
  • Improve the mental health and quality of life of those who take part.
  • Where Y Dref Werdd is unable to accommodate the needs of the individual, to provide links to other projects / organisations that are able to.
  • Create a tailored Green Prescription package for the individual e.g. co-ordinate activities with interests to ensure a strong and successful end result.
Opportunities include:
  • Developing community green spaces with individuals.
  • Gardening groups.
  • Vegetable growing.
  • Walking groups.
  • Habitat and history groups.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Talking and sharing skills and experiences whilst enjoying the outdoors in unconfined, peaceful settings.
  • Befriending groups for those who feel socially isolated.
  • Community group activities e.g. litter picking sessions, volunteering with other community organisations in Bro Ffestiniog etc.

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