Our Wild Coast

This project began in 2016 in partnership with North Wales Wildlife Trust. Image result for north wales wildlife trust

The aim of this project is to develop skills for the new ‘Green Economy’ which leads to social fairness and wellbeing by reducing environmental risks and ecological collapse. Young people will be encouraged to connect with the ‘green economy’ and by doing so can develop in confidence by accepting informal educational opportunities which will improve their personal, social and political development. By taking part in youth work the young people will learn to be able to take more responsibility over their lives.

Projects that encourage young people to observe the environment play an important part in our communities and this project allows the participants to visit our coasts, to investigate and learn. By partaking in memorable experiences and by contributing towards the community the young people can feel a sense of ownership whilst simultaneously introducing a more beneficial way of life.

The decrease in Welsh biodiversity is noticeable to everyone and we believe that including the younger generation in caring for our environment will create advantages to local wildlife and habitats by showing how people can take affirmative action in conservation work.

The long term aim of this project is to raise awareness of social cohesion in towns across North Wales by encouraging young people to be stewards in their local environment. Doing so will re-connect communities with wild spaces.

Y Dref Werdd are arranging sessions with Eurig Jones from North Wales Wildlife Trust in order to develop the participants’ skills.

  • It will include outdoor activities that will also give notice to wildlife, such as kayaking, canoeing and snorkelling.
  • Formal skills training.
  • Work placements.
  • Wildlife workshops.
  • Environmental education sessions.
  • Community wildlife activities and events.

At the end of these sessions we shall be targeting the ‘Conservationist’ John Muir award, a certificate recognised all around the world.











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