Tackling Poverty

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation defines poverty as “…when a person’s resources are well below their minimum needs, including the need to take part in society.”

We believe that tackling poverty should be at the top of the agenda for every community organisation and in order to solve it, we must all play our part in reaching out to those in need.

With more and more families having to worry about how they will pay their rent, heat their home and whether there will be any food on the table for their children day in day out, y Dref Werdd are keen to offer a service that will ensure that life is improved for those who are living in poverty and create a safe, prosperous community where everyone feels valued, equal and involved in.

Project 1 Objectives
  • To provide advice, guidance and support for those living in poverty as well as provide general advice to everyone in the community.
  • Work with local councils and public bodies to ensure individuals and families are receiving all that they are entitled to to help improve or end  their situation.
  • To carry out research on what help is available for their particular situation e.g. benefit checks, help with finding housing, applying for work, referral to the Nest scheme for affordable heating systems, energy supplier discounts etc.
  • Provide solid support on a path to training, volunteering and employment – ongoing support from creating a CV, to carrying out job searches, to preparing for interview and getting there, in particular, focusing on attracting NEETS (people Not in Employment, Education or Training) to work with us.
  • To help those who are living in poverty to fulfil their potential – identify their skills and passions and help find opportunities tailored to their needs.
  • Signpost participants to other relevant services.
  • Tackling fuel poverty and ensuring participants have good energy saving knowledge to pass on to others.
  • Establish wellbeing groups that are aimed at tackling loneliness, depression and anxiety which are sometimes at the root of poverty problems.
  • Improve skills within the community.
  • Safeguard vulnerable adults.
  • Strengthen individuals, families, the community and local economy.
  • Ensure that no one is excluded from services – access and support to use IT, use of telephone etc.

What do you think?

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